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How to get stories about your company published in the
press – and how to benefit
when you do

Keith Rich knows something that a lot of people in the AV business don't – that visibility in the media can be very helpful in closing new customers. Rich –president of AV integrator ISR Inc.– and others share their experiences with the AV trades and the consumer press:

  • You need to treat an editor like you would a potential customer
  • Placing a story should be a win-win for you and the publication
  • What editors are looking for that you can provide
  • Building relationships with the media
  • Why what you do with the story after publication is more important than getting the story published.

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by Don Kreski

My biggest PR triumph in my years at Midwest Visual was placing a story on WGN-TV, who carried it across their cable network to 40 or 50 million homes.

The results were very disappointing–-a handful of calls. Months later someone asked, "Why didn't you put that feature on tape and mail it to all your best customers and prospects?"

Lesson learned: good follow up is critical to a PR campaign. Learn how to do it effectively.

Kreski Marketing helps with research, literature design

JELCO’s Keith Urban explains his use of Kreski Marketing: “We felt that you had the expertise we needed because you had worked in the industry such a long time. Your work would be more focused and you’d get up to speed very quickly. It made my life easier.”

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Like most of us, reporters are short on time. But if you have legitimate news, press events (and releases) can be effective. You must be:
  • Relevant to the media & its audience
  • Easy to get to, easy to use
  • Complete with photos, video (if you go to TV) and background information
  • Succinct, honest and hype-free

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Is the AV market beginning to mature? Or is our industry's pain just a temporary downturn on a larger upward trend?

"It's classic economics," says Alan Brawn, National Product Marketing Manager for Samsung. As a product becomes more and more accepted in the market- place, competition grows, prices decline, and the question becomes how to stay profitable. Many firms do very well.

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